How learning to play the keyboard saved my life

“Music speaks, when words can’t.” I woke up this morning needing a little extra inspiration to start my day. After having coffee and breakfast (a must) I went to my room and turned on the keyboard to play some melodies. Instantly, my soul started receiving a feeling of inspiration. I started picking up on the keyboard after my brothers moved out. When we were younger we each played a different instrument, I drummed for a couple years and then moved on to learning the bass guitar. We played at gigs on the weekends, mostly private events, and we experienced a phenomenal time. I can say that I grew up circulating the entertainment world. When my brothers got older, they had children, began thier adult lives and continuing the music adventure was a bit of challenge. Responsibilities, lack of time to rehearse, living far from each other, I ended up with a feeling of nostalgia. It strucked me straight in the heart, I have always enjoyed entertaining others, and feeling like a traveling gypsy going from venue to venue. Music has always been a blessing in my life. When I knew I was falling into depression and stress, I seeked a therapy for my soul. One day in 2012, (sorry I forgot the exact date) I turned on an old keyboard stored in the house, and began messing with it. I had no clue what I was doing, my older brother who was the pianist taught me a few chord notes but I had to recall my memory. I went a bookstore and searched for some “learn how to play piano for beginners” type of books. Every evening I would practice and learn for up to an hour, consistently. As I started learning more chords I began composing my own music melodies and I found it very satisfying. It was a different feeling than I get from painting or running. The feeling was healing that with time cured my depression. My mind engaged in this thought and I discovered that music (playing the keyboard) was a channel in which therapy could flow to my mind and heart. Any day that I feel blue, I know playing the keyboard is my medicine and therapy. In it, I find a very special fountain of inspiration. What I learned from this is that sometimes picking up on a new hobby, sport, art, can help cope with emotions. I think some people have yet to discover this connection. And it not always has to be music, or what I previously suggested, sometimes the light is in a place where we haven’t looked in yet. Even cooking, volunteering, helping the community, being active in a cause, etc.., can save you, and others as well. The feeling is inspirational and lifesaving. 


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