Job interview tip of the day: Tell them what you know, can do, and will do.

“Remember to tuck in your shirt, make sure your clothes are clean, and for crying out loud Jordan, polish your shoes!” 

I called Jordan this morning to congratulate him and wish him a successful job interview today. Yes, I admit I acted overly dramatic. I was just making sure he walked in to the interview giving a neat first impression. Jordan and I met in January in a communications class at the University of North Texas. Since then, we have maintained a great friendship. Jordan is a college student with an enormous amount of tuition debt and I know he urgently needs the job. Jordan is a few years younger than I, so I figured I could share to him a tip I received when I was a student at Eastfield College. The tip is from my very first speech professor, Randy Mayeux. Professor Mayeux shared this job interview tip with the entire class on career day.

Here’s what I remember: 

“A job interview is about learning three things about you. What you know-have learned from previous employments or learned in school, can do-how you can use that for the job, and will do-if you are hired, how you will use what you know and incorporate it with what the company will teach you to complete the job.”

8 Secrets to Perfectly Polished Shoes, July 2, 2012. Photo by By Lindsey of Café Johnsonia.


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