We need to act more on kindness

I’m back! Wow. It has certainly been forever since I’ve blogged. I’m feeling inspired to share the good vibes with everyone. Okay, so I’m known to be the guy who is always saying hello to everyone and asking friends and strangers how their day is going. At times I also have small chats with them. Regardless if I see them often and in the same place. I was told this today by a colleague. Honestly all I could answer was that I got raised around people that always tried to show kindness and respect to others. I know we are all living under tough circumstances, especially under the new presidential administration. Every time I tune on the news, it seems as if people have drifted into promoting more hatred and vulgarity at each other. I am here to inform and persuade everyone who reads this blog to practice more acts of kindness. Sometimes it’s true that certain people do not appreciate this priceless gift,  but that’s because they have surrounded themselves with negativity. Let me assure you that a simple act of kindness can brighten a persons day. We do not know what goes around in everyone’s mind or daily lives. Ask your neighbor how they are doing, spark a short conversation, engage like you actually care. People will remember how you treat them. Together we can make difference, and at the end of the day we are all here to live, together in this world. Spread more Kindness


1. the state or quality of being kind: friendly feeling; liking


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