From Performer to Spectator

Most of my life has been lived in the art world. I discovered my passion for music at age 9, I was part of the drama team in high school. I did community theatre after graduating. I’ve made and continue making a living as a painter. I currently announce, emcee, for a Mexican band on most weekends. I’m even in the making of writing a few short stories. I’ve always been a natural performer. I like to be on stage, the spotlight, the big screen, reveal my creativity to the world; up until this morning.

I woke up with a different perspective. It’s time to change things and learn. Observe the world from a different angle, the spectator’s life. 

The ultimate goal is become a better person. The spectator does well with giving criticism and feedback. The spectator analyzes what part of “the show” needs to improve, what can make it glow. 

What I’m going to do is write down everything that is circling in my life, where I’m at, where do I stand, most importantly how I communicate with other people.

Next, I’m going to write down which areas I desire to improve, into the details. Be the spectator of my own show, life.


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