Surround Your Life With Positive Mind-Thinking People

My circle of friends is quite small. The circle is made up of positive thinkers who have evolved from friends to mentors in my life. Last night, I called one of them and said, “I’m falling off a cliff over here, throw a hand and rescue me, I need some advise.” These are the people that will lift you when the surface you stand on becomes slithery. 

I tend to stay away from cynical and pessimist people that only drown my motivation. Instead, I surround myself with positive mind-thinking individuals. People who are dreamers, visionaries, and share an equal amount or higher idealistic enthusiasm for their own goals in life.  

This group of people have helped me achieve where I’m at and push me in the direction I want to go. Upfront, I get to know as much as I can about new people rather than enclosing myself deep in a cave. I understand that not everyone has the same vision, however, it does not stop me from treating them with humility and respect. 

I’m a highly persistent person, and persistent people often have a difficult time staying motivated. We need to constantly feel assurance, seek advise, and someone to listen to our ideas. In the contrary, cynical and pessimist will only laugh your idea to the extreme of saying nothing more than ridicule comments.

Positive thinkers, such as: mentors, innovators, people with a strong work-ethic, help us go further to pursue our goal. They uplift our spirits with positive vibe and eventually rescue us when times get difficile.


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