Hispanic Heritage Month -Entrepreneur Linda G. Alvarado

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, it is with great honor I dedicate this blog to a very inspiring woman in our community; a person who uplifts the meaning of the American Dream and proves that immigrants contribute in a positive way to our society when given the opportunity to succeed.

LINDA G. ALVARADO is a notable Hispanic woman, a mother, an entrepreneur, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alvarado Construction, Inc. Alvarado is also the owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. She personifies the classic example of the American Dream. Alvarado’s success trailed from poor to rich, and became the first woman and first Hispanic to be the founder, owner, of a successful construction company that holds her name on a cap. 

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1952, to Lilly Sandoval and Luther Martinez, Alvarado was the only girl in a family of six children. Her father worked for the Atomic Energy Commission and raised all his children in a small adobe brick home that he had built himself. The small home did not have air conditioning installed and indoor plumbing. Though, the family was poor and lacked commodities, her parents always gave a positive message to their children. “My parents were very, very, positive people,” Alvarado told American Dreams. “It was clear what your priorities were growing up. There were high expectations in school, that not only would you bring home an A, but you would tell them what you had learned.” Her parents’ belief in hard work and commitment would give root to Alvarado’s future achievements. “I think [my success comes] from an ability to remain optimistic,” she told the Albuquerque Tribune. “We come from a very humble background. It’s part of, I think, growing up in New Mexico that grounded me in who I was as a Hispanic, our culture, our values about family and work.” (Source)

I came across her biography in a Spanish book called, “La Lengua que Heredamos” (the language we inherit) and I was inspired to write a blog about her and share some research. Why does Alvarado’s story matter to me? 

As Hispanics, we are living critical times. We have been underestimated by political individuals that do not believe in our ability to contribute to this immigrant nation. Alvarado’s inspiring story is one of many that reflect that Hispanics can be capable of achieving much success when the opportunity and determination are both present. 

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(Photo Source) Linda Alvarado, Alvarado Construction, Inc.


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