What is Communication? -Insight from the Presidential Debate USA Today

“Trump interrupted Clinton 22 times in 26 minutes.” Most of the people on social media are expressing their thoughts on last night’s presidential debate. I specifically want to share my insight from USA TODAY’s article called, Clinton got interrupted how many times? Debate night by the numbers. 

The best definition for communication I ever learned in school is the following: 

Communication involves two individual’s to take place. The first person speaks while the second person listens. Then, the second person speaks while the first person listens. 

From the article, Trump interrupted Clinton 22 times in 26 minutes. The worst of it came after the first 15 minutes of the debate, when Trump started asking Clinton the questions.

What I wish Trump knew:

#1 it is disrespectful to interrupt in a debate. It is very common in debates to be out of order and talk over one another.  However, answer the question and wait for your turn to respond.

#2 there is a reason Lester Holt was there at the debate, to host and ask the questions. 

#3 each candidate is given a specific amount of time to speak. Respect the time so that the American people can know the answers to many topics. 

At the end of the debate, Holt mentioned he wished many questions would have been answered. 

Yes Lester, time was consumed due to interruptions. 



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