A Moment of Solitude

I drive about 372 miles in a week. On average, that is about 7 hours on the road. Yes, I’m a slow driver, though it feels like double the time with all the road constructions in Dallas. I spend those entirely 7 hours driving alone. Each of those hours become a moment of solitude, to reflect back on the events that are presently ocurring in my life. Personally, solitude is an absolute necessity to me. Solitude helps me explore my creativity, discover new paths to take, seek for answers, to find inspiration, and recharge my soul with good vibes. In a social setting, I speak, and communicate to the world. In my moment of solitude, I communicate with myself mentally, think of ways to be productive, I learn, and I observe what’s changing in the world around me. I take that time to withdraw from the world and meditate, even if it’s just for an hour. 




the state or situation of being alone.

Do not confuse solitude with loneliness, solitude is the state of being alone. According to Merriam-Webster, loneliness is defined as being sad from being apart from other people.

Today, as I drove to my destination, I listened to a Ted Talk video specifically about solitude. The video is from meditation instructor Trevor Weltman, it is called Transforming Solitude (May 2012). In the video, Weltman mentions about teaching meditation for a 2 hour period. The 2 hours are given to individuals seeking time to meditate and disconnect from the noisy world. Weltman stated that by investing those 2 hours in meditation, in return the individuals would receive back the time spent in a great personal way.

 At the end of the day we need that moment of solitude to help transform our lives, rethink about our decisions, and be more productive. Especially, in the busy and noisy world we live today.

Here’s the full link:

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