The importance of taking care of our image. 

Lately, I’ve been doing some shopping for skin care products, colognes, body wash scents for men, and have surprisingly updated my wardrobe! I have developed this unusual obsession to look presentable. I might not be a walking broadway model but at least I want to present a descent image of myself. Especially, when I meet customers and they invite me over to their project sites. I want to make sure I give a notable great first impression. Which leads me to write about an important concern. Upon completion of our studies, after graduating, we students are faced with one additional thesis to do: The importance of taking care of our image.




1. a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. 

Image, brings out our identity. It tells plenty about the outward appearance of a person. 

It tells the world, how well a person takes good care of themselves. 

In a business setting this is highly important. When employer’s notice a good image in a potential candidate to fill a vacant job position, it shows them that the potential candidate puts enough effort into taking care of his/her image. Doing so it demonstrates that the potential candidate can put in the same effort to take care of the business. 

A person should only take care of their image enough to look presentable, in no way it has to be exceedingly. 

Love yourself, physically and mentally. 

Just a small effort to better your image can boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you build high self-esteem and confidence, no hard task can defeat you.

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