How my paint business helps me with professionalism, patience, and creativity. 

Recently, I finished painting a couple of walls for my customer Chris, at his new apartment in Las Colinas. The entire project lasted about five hours to complete. At first, Chris was undecided on which colors to select, had no previous experience with paint brands, and he really needed my expertise. I always carry color charts in my portfolio, including, pricing and information of the paint materials I purchase. Chris and I flipped through the color charts until we narrowed down to a few selection of colors. I advised to go with a solid brown color in the living room, because it would blend in with the rest of the currently beige colored walls. Chris selected a dark gray color for his bedroom’s wall. He said the color would match with most of the black furniture and picture frames he owns. Afterwards, I was ready to start on the paint project. 

It has been more than a year that I have offered my paint service to people like Chris. Previously, I learned the skill from my father, someone who has painted houses since I was born. While still in high school, my father would always take me to work with him on the weekends. Occasionally, I would make some money to spend. Other times it was just a way for my father to show me a lesson. For all he taught me I appreciate him sincerely for it. Thankfully, the skill and opportunity of doing paint service in residential houses has helped me pay my way through college. I enjoy being self-employed, flexible hours, and most of all the creativity I discover in every project.

My paint business has helped me improve three important concepts that are essential to obtain exceptional customer referrals. 

Professionalism, patience, creativity.

Professionalism, the competence or skill expected of a professional.

Customers expect me to be an expert on what I do, and that is the paint business. 

Customers expect me to have good manners and be highly organized. Who wants a rude and messy painter? No one.

Customers expect me to complete the job and offer a reasonable estimate. From start to finish, and maintaining a schedule. 

Patience, the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Painting involves a tremendous amount of groundwork, after all, it is manual labor. 

Painting involves doing plenty of preparation. The proper preparation will make the job go smoothly.

Painting involves patience, if I rush too fast I can make mistakes and it can cost me.

Creativity, the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Customers need help selecting the perfect color, they need my expertise.

Customers need me to be proficient, my signature is my work. I need to know what colors are trending and why the colors selected are best for their homes. 

Customers need me to prove that I am artistically connected to my skill in a passionate way. Yes, everyone can pick up a brush and paint. But to do it with passion and the sight off my customers overjoyed at the end is what it’s all about!

Discover how your job educates you with professionalism, patience, and creativity. 

Armando Gaytán


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