Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day and Latino Immigrants in the United States.

Last night, I attended a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. The event was at a Mexican restaurant called, El Pulpo, located in Grand Prairie, TX. The place was filled with flag decorations, lights, and live music. Right before midnight, the speaker made his way to the stage. Initially, he gathered the crowd for the traditional chant, grito de dolores, or cry of dolores. In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, gathered with a group of Mexicans to declare independence from Spain. Historically, it is said that Miguel Hidalgo chanted ¡Viva México! three times at the sound of bells. The grito de dolores marked the beginning of the Mexican War for independence. For two centuries Mexicans continue to gather and celebrate. The speaker walked to the center of the stage, waving the Mexican flag, and went for the mic. I listened carefully to his speech.  

Here’s what I noticed:

The speaker starts by reading the official script of Miguel Hidalgo to the audience.

The speaker then chants ¡Viva México! three times. 

By this time the speech should have ended and the crowd could continue celebrating the night.

Not yet.

The speaker ended with a final and loud chant:

¡Viva todos los latinos inmigrantes en Estados Unidos!

Long live all the Latino Immigrants in the United States!

The crowd applauded louder and chanted ¡Que vivan! Long live!

As a Mexican national myself, I interpreted this line as symbolic, a mark of unity, and recognition. Not only for Mexican immigrants, but to all our brothers and sisters from Latin countries that contribute to this great nation. Together, Mexico’s Independence Day, reminds us of the continued need for equality, and opportunity. 


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