My first blog on wordpress! Yay!

Okay. I am finally on wordpress! A few months from now, or years, I want to read back on this blog and realize how much I have learned and improved my writing skills. I have a passion to talk about empowerment, love, and the concept of self-motivation. Every now and then I will create narrative stories, fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to the new journey of my life!
Today, I have selected my research proposal topic for Comm 3010 at the University of North Texas. I chosed to write about women’s empowerment and their pursuance of equality. The idea came to me while I sat in a class and noticed the large number of women sitting in the audience. Let me put it into a statistical demographic, about one fourth of the classroom are men. Yes, I am known to be an observer by nature, eventually, it automatically stood out to me. Other selections helped me narrow down my topic too, for instance: Historically, a woman is also running as the nominated presidential candidate by the Democratic party, Madaam Hillary Clinton. Equal pay, also a hot topic of debate among women athletes and CEO executives. Overall, I will have fun writing my paper. Much love to all the hardworking women in the world, they make it a better place. Armando Gaytán 


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